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Michael Billington, editor and Head of the Asia desk at the Executive Intelligence Review.


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New  Jersey United States Senate Candidate Daniel Burke


Bards Logic welcomes Michael Billington, editor and head of the Asia desk at the Executive Intelligence Review. We will discuss who is the greater threat to the United States- China, the Deep State, or something else. 

Ours guest will tell us their work on End(ing) the Mccarthyite Witch Hunt against China and President Trump. 

Conservatives believe the Deep State and China are our greatest threats. Liberals believe it is the Russians and President Trump. Who if any of them are correct? Listen in and decide for yourself. Michael was targeting by Robert Mueller, so that should give us reason to listen.

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  • Major (Ret), US Army Military Police Corps International Business Development Consultant David W. Goetze

  • Democrat Nominee for US Congress in the 22nd District of Texas 2010, 2012 Kesha Rogers

  • Co-founder and editor of Voice of Mankind Avneet Singh

  • Hector Villarreal from the LaRouche PAC

  • Bob Ingraham is the Co-Editor of Executive Intelligence Review magazine and a
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  • Republican US Congressional candidate for Illinois 17th District Bill Fawell

  • Michael Billington editor and Head of the Asia Desk at the Executive Intelligence Review

  • New Jersey United States Senate Candidate Daniel Burke

  • Dr. PK "Paul" Dhanuka. Independent Party candidate for Assemblymember for District 1 in California

  • Former Lt. Governor of Florida Jennifer Carroll

  • John Temple journalist, speaker, and author of Up in Arms

  • Timothy Sykes Penny Stock guru and author of  An American Hedge Fund: How I Made $2 Million as a Stock Operator & Created a Hedge Fund. 

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  • Patrick Ockander 2016 Presidential candidate Constitution Party

  • Mitchell Gerber Human Rights Activist

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  • Matt Bevin Conservative Republican 2015 Gubernatorial Candidate

  • Paul Sutliff Research Writer for www.paulsutliff.blogspot.com

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  • Stewart Rhodes Founder of Oath Keepers

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  • Paul Arnold Founder of Make Them Listen

  • Robert Sarvis US Senate Candidate Virginia Libertarian Party.

  • US Congressman {1985-2002} James Traficant

  • John Dummett, 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate

  • Ken Krawchuk ,2014 Pennsylvania Gubernatorial Libertarian Candidate

  • Jeff Jones  Founder of 1721.Today

  • Adrian Wyllie, 2014 Florida Gubernatorial Libertarian Candidate

  • James Carr, 2014 Virginia's 7th District Libertarian Congressional Candidate

  • Col. Harry Riley Founder of Patriots for America and lead organizer for Operation American Spring

  • Dr. Peg Luksik Expert and Speaker on Common Core

  • Paul Glover, 2014 Pennsylvania Gubernatorial Green Party  Candidate

  • Rick Fineberg Nevada Assembly 25th District Candidate

  • David Hale Republican Primary  Candidate for U.S Congress from Illinois

  • Bob Guzzardi Republican Pennsylvania Gubernatorial Primary Candidate  

  •  Beth Roberts Conservative Republican Candidate for State Representative of Pennsylvania

  • Jay Watts      Life Training Institute

  • Dr. Evelyn Kelly and Natalie Kelly Conservative Community Activist and Grassroots Development.

  • Peter Greenwald 2014 GOP Primary Congressional Candidate Virginia 7th District.

  • Chris Monzel Hamilton County Commissioner.

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  • Justin Binik-Thomas Founder Cincinnati Tea Party- Targeted by the IRS

  • Authors Matt Margolis and Mark Noonan- 150 Reason Obama's Worst Pres in History

  • Judge Jim Gray Libertarian Vice Presidential Nominee in 2012

  • Dugan King Arkansas Caucus Leader at Free and Equal

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Daniel Burke.jpeg

Bards Logic welcomes candidate for US Senate Daniel Burke. I first heard heard about Daniel from a video of him at a Trump rally. Here is the link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4T0YUWIhUg&feature=youtu.be

His positive vision of optimism is one that can cross party lines. Candidate Burke's agenda includes ideas that transcend ideology in a way that will benefit all Americans. Daniel is also a staunch supporter of President Trump. 

From his campaign website: https://www.burke4senate.com/

 Consider again, as John F. Kennedy did at Rice University, the entire history of the human race as a single process of development. What a marvelous demonstration mankind is, of the creative power of the universe! Every limitation we encounter, we overleap, as no other known species can. Where lies the United States, and New Jersey, today, within that arc of human development? That depends on our action today. We can choose, as Americans, to act in devotion to our great founding principle, that every human individual can contribute to the progress of civilization — regardless of our “rank” in society. We can choose a future in which all nations cooperate for the benefit of our species — regardless of past hostility. If we choose that future, we must choose to go to the Moon and Mars. We must choose, as John Kennedy did, to bring the entire species forward. President Trump’s Artemis Program points the way, but it must be expanded. Bring us a lunar laboratory, with all nations combining in pursuit of scientific knowledge! Bring us fusion-powered rockets, so that we can colonize Mars! Bring us a hope, that the universe is mankind’s to explore!

     This future, our nation dearly requires.

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